1. Where can I obtain a hire quote for your products?


For chair covers, sashes, wraps and runners, please click here.


For venue dressing, please click here.


2. What are your delivery charges?


As a rough guide, for the first 90 chair covers, delivery and collection will be £25, additional quantities will be charged on a sliding scale. For an exact price you can go to our quote page and insert the quantities required.


For venue dressing, backdrop, and centrepiece packages, you can either pick up from our office or we can set up.


3. Where do you supply your decorations?


We can supply decorations throughout the UK.


4. What centrepieces do you stock?


We currently stock the most stylish and popular centrepieces: martini vases (small and large), conical vases and bubble bowls.
5. What colour sashes do you have in stock?


We have all popular colours in stock, please click here to view a selection of them, if the sash you require is not listed on that page please contact us to confirm availability.
6. Do you require a deposit?


For our venue dressing packages, we require a deposit of £15 per table dressed.


We require a refundable security deposit of £1.00 per chair cover (or chair cover with sash).


If only sashes, table runners or wraps are ordered, we require a deposit of 20p, 40p and 60p per item respectively.


Deposits are fully refundable if items are returned in accordance with our terms and conditions, click here to view
7. Minimum Hire Quantity


Our minimum hire quantity for venue dressing is 10 tables.


Our minimum hire for chair cover packages is 50.


We are of course happy to provide less if you pay for the minimum quantity.


If you require just sashes, runners or wraps, we require you to order a minimum of 50 in total.


8. What types of chairs will your covers fit?


Please click here to view the most common chairs our covers will fit, if your chairs are not listed there please send us a picture so we can determine whether our covers will fit. We do not provide covers for plastic or wooden chairs except for chiavari or cheltenham chairs.


9. How much do I have to pay to confirm the order?


For venue dressing packages, there is an advance payment of £15 per table. For chair cover packages, there is a advance payment of £45 for the first 100 covers increasing by £10 roughly for every 50 covers after that. And for sashes, wraps, and table runners, the advance payment is £20.


10. Can we collect from you to save on the transport cost?


We are happy for you to collect from us by prior arrangement.


11. How do I place an order?


Our online order system is currently being revamped, please call us on 0116 361 0120 to place your order quickly and easily.


12. How long does it take to fit chair covers?


It takes on average between 1.5-2 hours for 2 people to set up 100 chair cover & tie 100 bows.


13. I have placed an order, but need to make changes, how do I go about doing this?


So that we can keep track of any changes we request that you either email them or use the form on the contact us page.